Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Deep State of Denial

I've had many friends over the years who have made some pretty bad "nighttime" decisions. You know those? The times when you're out and think a guy is just the bee's knees only to wake up the in the morning and scream for help.

Fortunately, I have never fallen victim to this what-the-hell-was-I-thinking experience (luckily Rome is a looker). However, the same cannot be said for these poor ladies. Of course it usually works out that this type of guy who makes you cringe with embarrassment is usually the one who is bursting with excitement and feels the need to tell the entire world the intimate details of your evening.

My friends ask me, "What do I do? Everyone knows!" To me the answer is simple...


The truth of the matter is, ladies, that guys lie. They lie so often in fact that this is the perfect time for you to lie because chances are that most people are going to take your side. Guys have been making up lies about sleeping with girls since the beginning of time, and if they don't lie they often exaggerate enough that it can certainly be considered a lie.

Feeling guilt about denying it? Don't. If the situation were flipped, they wouldn't think twice about denying you so don't worry about it! Keep your head held high and plead the fifth, my friend. I won't tell a soul.


Crazy Charm said...

I agree. Deny EVERYTHING. Did I mention that I hate men? No? Happy Valentine's Day!

Crazy Charm said...

I just thought, "With the comment I just left, people might think this post is about me." Then I realized, everyone knows I'm not getting any. Ever. HA!

Queen Bee said...

Haha...that's definitely something I was wondering right after I posted it. Everyone's going to have their own idea of who this post is about.

Don't worry...I'll never tell =)