Monday, February 9, 2009

I Pulled a Pheobe Cates...and Failed

I was strolling out of the Penn State College of Education office when I have a funny feeling in my bra. Just then the front of it just breaks and comes off. Do you remember the scene from "Fast Time at Ridgemont High" when Pheobe Cates is coming out of the pool? It was kind of like that...except not the least bit attractive. It was probably quite disturbing actually. Crazy Charm talks about headlights in class but this was certainly more embarrassing.

Just so happens I was on my way to get a physical and had no bra. Bras don't snap on Sunday afternoons when you're taking a refreshing nap on the couch. They snap when you're already late for school and about to get a physical.

In case anyone was really worried about me, the nurse in the office did offer up some safety pins until I was able to get home and change. Unfortunately, safety pins don't like to stay attached too often. Ouch!

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