Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roommate of the Year

Dear Ginger,

Thank you for being my roommate. I sincerely apologize for when your twin forgot her ID and you had to meet us at the Cell Block with it. I'm sorry that your sister texted me from the Kiddie section that we needed to leave to catch the bus and I didn't get the text until almost 15 minutes later. I'm sorry I had to track her down in the kiddie section among all the Freshman making out and practically having sex on the dance floor. I'm sorry your twin was standing next to the speaker and I couldn't hear a damn word she was saying.

I'm sorry we had to track down her coat because it was not in the coat rack by the kiddie section, but rather the coat rack in the over 21 section. I'm sorry I had to throw a bitch fit in order to convince the chick at the coat check that I did know the owner of the coat and was not trying to steal it.

I'm sorry that by the time we actually left the bus had come almost 20 minutes earlier.

I thank you for leaving your warm bed, with wet head to drive Henry downtown to pick us up. Remind me to take you to Red Lobster (or Olive Garden at the very least!) so that I can show my appreciation for your continued dedication to our friendship.

Your Sexy Roommate

P.S. Please forgive us =)


La Pixie said...

LOL, you only put up with that kinda stuff if you love someone.

Queen Bee said...

It's really a good thing I have the twin sisters because I have terrible luck with roommates.

The Chatty Barista said...

wow, that must have sucked... lol

Queen Bee said...

Latest Update: Ginger Twin #2 has accepted my apology!

Because the crazy is all part of my charm .. said...

Ha! Only you!

Btw, you have an award to accept over at my place :)