Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pay it Forward...and I love Gifts!

I love presents so I promise to pass on the wonderful things!

here is the deal:
you want a present from me? leave me a comment. the first three people to comment will receive a gift from me sometime this year. when? what? you wont know!! its a surprise!! Im going to do my best to comply with the rules of "something handmade," but I cant promise that. life is crazy, you know!

here is the catch: in order for you to leave a comment on this post, first you have to repost this on your blog. that means that you are committing to giving three presents to people. got it? so post this on your blog, then comment to let me know.



Vodka Mom said...

omg that is a BRILLIANT idea!!!

you are so sweet......

Vodka Mom said...

get rid of the damn word verification. p.s.

Queen Bee said...

Haha...you'll have your three comments in 2.3 seconds. p.s.

Joanie said...

Here's a teeny free gift for you! Your lucky shamrock says Kiss Me! Im Irish! Well, here's the saying in Gaelic: "Tabhair póg dom. Tàim Eireannach!"
I'll even teach you how to do the gaelic O and A. to get the ó, hold down your alt key and on your number pad, hit 0243. for the à, hold the alt key and hit 0224 on your keypad.

Queen Bee said...

@Joanie: You are a woman of many talents my lady.

Lorraine said...

This sounds cool. If I'm number three I'm in - just let me know. The post is saved and ready to go.

Queen Bee said...

1. Vodka Mom
2. Joanie
3. Lorraine

There you go! I'm done!