Friday, February 6, 2009

Rental Rut

Dear Briarwood Apartments, (That's right! I'm exposing you!)

Thank you so much for turning off my water first thing on a Friday morning. I'm especially glad that the first thing I did this morning was flush the toilet. I love flushing the toilet when the water is off because I don't even like when my toilet has water in it. It's a waste anyway.

Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to ask my roommate if he knew the water was being turned off. When I have to speak to my roommate it makes me absolutely shutter with pure joy. He is so kind and considerate that he actually acknowledged that I spoke to him and answered my question with a whole 3 words! "I don't know". I'm beaming.

I did not think a rental office could beat the disfunction I have experienced with The Apartment Store (I'm exposing you guys, too!) but alas, you are coming dangerously close.

Keep doing what you're doing Briarwood!

The student teacher who brushes her teeth in school


Crazy Charm said...

Love it. Actually, I was thinking about writing my own apartment blog today. What a coincidence that both of our apartments suck ass. Not.

Queen Bee said...

I think it's just State College.

The Chatty Barista said...

I'm glad your taking it so well..

I also love the amount of sarcasm we use on a daily basis...

Cynthia said...

Hang in there! One day you'll be finished with all of that life...and miss it! <3 from Puerto Rico.