Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where is Everybody??

Last night we got an ice storm in Happy Valley. Nothing out of the ordinary. The normal ice covered roads and sidewalks. We were all hoping for a snow day or a delay at the very least. I still don't have a cell phone so I asked my friend to text Rome who's staying with me for the week. This way I know if I have to go to school or not.

My alarm went off as usual and I snoozed it (as usual). I figure that even if there is school I'm not going to make myself look too pretty for it. Just my normal radiance. Haha When I do get up I immediately check the phone. No text. Damn.

I get up and get ready. Usually I hear my roommate getting ready across the hall, but didn't. I think to myself, "Oh, he must be running late."

I step out my back door. (Back story: They're redoing our front porch so we haven't had a front door since Thanksgiving. They took out part of our balcony railing and built makeshift stairs up to our second floor apartment. They pretty much took a bunch of old ply wood and nailed it all together and called it stairs.) I almost fall down from the ice that has accumulated on my balcony. I step forward to the makeshift stairs and it's all smooth ice. I look at the railing and it's all smooth ice. Jack Frost strikes again!

I almost die trying to get down the stairs...but continue on my way to school because these children need to learn!

I open my car and turn it on. It sounds like a wild banshee screaming because I need an oil change but don't have money (typical college life).

I begin to scrap the ice off my windows and wipers and think about all the trouble my kids are having trying to get to school. I think that this is dumb that I have to go to school. Then I think that these children need to learn so it's all worth it.

Then I get in my car and begin my journey up the road to Starbucks. When I get there I see that it is empty. I thought that was strange seeing as how it's usually packed at 7:50 am. No bother. Everyone must have made their own coffee because they were afraid of what the Starbucks parking lot would be like (since it was all smooth ice). Luckily, I am a brave soul and I need to pump myself with caffeine because these children need to learn!

I continue on my way to school. My school is up on the top of a hill and the hill was all smooth ice. As I made my way up the hill in my tiny compact at 15 mph I was thinking to myself, "Wow, I wonder if anyone else had this much trouble getting up this hill. It's all smooth ice! I hope I don't start rolling down backwards because these children need to learn!"

I get to the top of the hill...the parking lot is empty. I still didn't understand. I think to myself, "Wow, everyone must have hard a rough time this morning because I'm the first one here!"

I turn the corner and still do not see any cars. I spot the custodian and his snow blower so I wave him down.

"Good morning!"
"What are you doing here?", he answers, "there's no school today."

Yeah...I would tell you about my journey back home from school, but that's not funny. It's just sad.


Vodka Mom said...

I am laughing my ass off at you!!!

Where is everyone? We're in bed you **** *****. \


Queen Bee said...

Yeah...if it's not too much trouble would you be able to drop me an email next time? Haha

Lorraine said...

Yeah, we tend to forget about the student teachers and subs until one of them lets us know about it in the office. Our snow days and delayed openings are posted on the school webpage now. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Joanie said...

poor thing! Does your school have a website? We can check the school website and even the local radio station website has school closings and delays!
Icy here in eastern PA also, but my kid was on a 2 hour delay.

Barrie said...

You deserve a treat! Go buy yourself something!

Irish Chicken Soup said...


That really sucks.

In FL we don't have snow days we have hurricane days...and if you miss the signs of one of THOSE then we don't particularly feel sorry for you.

Because the crazy is all part of my charm .. said...

Hahaha .. I bet the Starbuck's people were laughing at you, too.

Queen Bee said...

@ Joanie: Yes, I could have checked the school's website but I was just so determined.

@ Barrie: I think I'm going to brave the elements and go out with some friends tonight. My mind needs a break.

@ crazy charm: I actually had a nice conversation with my barista today. It kind of made the trip worth it. Haha

The Chatty Barista said...

Let me guess the trip back was nothing but "smooth ice" lol..

Im sorry hun...

Although, I must say, Im glad you still made the effort to keep the company I work for running! lol...

Queen Bee said...

@ chatty: Anything for you love!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

That would suck. When you were describing the ice on your stairs, all I could picture was the scene in Home ALone, which I watched twice over winter break.

Queen Bee said...

@ Pseudo: YES! That is exactly what it was like!

Heinous said... least there was no damage to you or the car.

A+ for perseverance though.

Queen Bee said...

@ Heinous: Anything for the kids