Friday, June 19, 2009

We Don't Like You Either!

My sister and I made the decision to go to Pennsylvania colleges. Through our experience we've run into many people who like us, then find out we're from North Jersey and catch an attitude.

My sister just came back from a road trip with a friend from Deleware. This friend has parents from North Carolina. They found out my sister was from North Jersey and they strongly discouraged him from joining her on this road trip. After some arguing he was told, "Fine, go...but don't bring her around here."

Personally, I don't have an issue with people from other states until I find out that they hate me because of the Jersey thing. I mean really? WTF? What did we do to North Carolina? Are they jealous? Can someone help me clear this issue up?


Lorraine said...

I think people watch too much HBO and Bravo. Not everyone from Jersey knows a mobster, has been a mobster, or worked for a mobster. And as far as the real housewives of New Jersey go - I've lived in Jersey all my life and I don't talk like that or behave like that. Nor do my friends. I'm sorry your sister had to be treated that way. Be proud Jersey Girl!

Paige said...

I think every area has their issues--my dad calls everyone Yankee unless they can document that they do not deserve it. Although I kind of get it, to tell the truth. I have spent lots of time demonstrating to people not from my area that I can count, spell, and tie my own shoes, despite where I am from.

There are fools everywhere!

Snow White said...

As a new North Carolinian, I'd like to make a peace offering- I left you something rather fitting for you on my blog.

People really have a problem with Jersey? What about Bon Jovi?!?