Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Now What?

So I finally graduated and as my peers head down the shore and get ready to start their careers I thought I would give everyone an update on what's going on with me.

- I still don't have a job.
- I don't have health insurance.
- All of my friends have gone home 3 weeks ago.
- I'm down to about $50 in my account and my rent isn't paid yet (shouldn't have written that...someone's going to pass that info onto the roommate...damn).
- My rabbit and I are sharing a bag of pretzels as our main form of nutrition. I consider this to be a great personality strength as I'm sure many people would have let the rabbit fend for himself by now.
- While my car is running on fumes and my check engine light is flashing, my friend in the passenger seat turns and says to me, "I think you could use some new windshield wipers". I'll add it to the list.

There's really no way for me to describe to you the limbo that I have found myself in this past week or so. The looming "now what?" is just hanging over my head...I just want to go home.


otin said...

It will get better, you graduated right into a crashed economy! Things will turn around and you will get a good job!

Lesha said...

Congratulations on graduating and good luck with the "next". I hope it starts looking up for you soon!

Thanks for dropping by my blog to visit.

blognut said...

Sounds tough. You'll come out all right.

Tending bar is good temporary job for a little pocket money, if you want to try that.

La Pixie said...

congrats on graduating. you have my respect!! I hate when you feel like life is on pause because you dont know what is going to happen and what to do...

oh, and Gonzo is HIS ex. not mine.

Lorraine said...

First things first - congrats on your graduation. That was no small accomplishment. Just think of it as treading water for a while. Something will shake out. Best of luck!

♥ Braja said...

Well, the Hare Krishnas do Food For Life, so you don't need to starve. Take the rabbit: they'll feed him, not cook him :))